2022 B2B Self-Service Experience Report

How complete self-service models improve CX, boost revenue per customer and deliver on personalization

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Discover the surprising connection between self-service experience and revenue - and how enterprises are investing in self-service to mitigate rising support costs.

Our findings indicate that companies looking to deliver on what consumers expect - a great customer experience - must implement a complete self-service strategy.

Companies that do are 5 times more likely to see results in providing excellent CX and 45% more likely to see an increase in revenue per customer.

As 64% of companies report a rise in customer support costs, strong self-service models emerge as a critical cost-reduction support strategy.

Yet only 24% of companies feel they are providing complete self-service solutions to customers.

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The top CX challenges facing enterprises - and the leaders they're taking to fix them


What best in class CX looks like and why aligning self-service with CX drives impact


The business impact leaders are seeing when they provide the best self-service experience