Adopting a change-ready mindset

or How I learned to stop worrying and love M&A


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Janice Cadel

Janice Cadel

Director, Technical Publications


Lauren Sexton

Sr. Manager, Technical Writing


Seth Park

Solutions Architect

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What you should be thinking about if your company is planning M&A activities

Strategies for unifying and delivering the best possible content

What technologies and strategies will advance your cause

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M&A is an exciting time for organizations. And the often unsung heroes that help make that growth possible are hard-working documentation teams!

With overflowing tech stacks, multiple business units, and evolving products coming together, sometimes it’s up to Tech Docs to build a plan and become positive change agents for the business.

Being M&A-ready starts with creating a docs strategy that enables you to seamlessly adapt to any business change, so your customers can continue to use your products effortlessly. 

In this panel discussion, we’ll tackle the practical, tactical, and political issues that come with the kinds of business change that impact technical documentation teams and the quality of their output.

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