Creating Digital Experiences That Drive Your 2022 Growth Plan Goals

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Join our Executive Roundtable where we explore how to create digital experiences that drive your 2022 growth plan goals.



Tying Digital Trends into Your 2022 Planning Process

It's Fall - the leaves are falling, the holidays are approaching, and it's that time again - working on next year's budget, plan and major initiatives. Rapidly evolving customer expectations have supercharged the need for a digital transformation. Digital-first experiences and support and service trends are driving new standards in CX - and any company that waits too long to adapt will be left behind. C-level executives are acutely aware of the need to keep pace with these evolving trends and are prioritizing budget allocation along these lines.

You may be expected to grow customer outcomes by 33% in the year ahead. But your headcount or budget isn’t going up by 33%! So you need to choose the programs, tools, and projects to help you meet your goals wisely. With FY22 on the horizon, it’s planning time around how to align your strategic initiatives with market trends and the digital desires of customers so you can secure the budget and buy-in you need to succeed.

In the next FLOURISH Executive Roundtable, we will discuss digital trends and strategic initiatives for 2022. Explore how to acquire internal resources within your organization and how to maximize budget while building fantastic digital experiences for your customers.

Join us for a great discussion led by special guest host, Rod Cherkas, Founder and CEO of HelloCCO. Rod brings with him the rich experience as an executive at several of Silicon Valley’s most customer-centric companies including three that achieved successful >$1 billion IPO’s or exits (RingCentral, Marketo, Gainsight). For more than 20 years, he has focused on being an innovator in Post-Sale experience design and operational execution in recurring revenue SaaS businesses. Rod founded HelloCCO to work alongside CEOs and their Post-Sale executives at fast-growing Enterprise SaaS companies.

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What's up for discussion?

What are the top strategic initiatives for the year ahead?
How can you overcome objections by leaders and frame strategic initiatives in a way that helps gain buy-in?
How do you leverage the digital experience initiatives in your budgeting process in order to increase productivity and customer delight?

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