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Research special: 2022 B2B Self-Service Experience Report

time_icons2 October 20th

time_icons (1) 12PM EST/5PM BST

Join this extra special edition of our Executive Roundtable series where we'll be dive into brand new research around how complete self-service models improve CX outcomes, boost revenue and help reduce support costs for market leaders.

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Cut The Chase: Challenges In Self-Service Experiences

Time and time again research has shown an overwhelming preference for self-led resolution. As B2B customers become more savvy and self-sufficient than ever and have become accustomed to seamless, multichannel experiences, the bar for great self-service is rising. But that doesn't mean companies are keeping up - in fact many keep making customers chase after answers through irrelevant content suggestions, inconsistent siloed channels and a lack of access to unified data.

Where are market leaders soaring ahead? And which common challenges are keeping many behind - and leaving a trail of frustrated customers in their wake?

In this research special, we'll delve into the insights we gleaned from surveying hundreds of senior CX and support decision-makers from leading B2B enterprises. We'll have an interactive discussion around emerging best practices and how to address persistent struggles that keep customers chasing for answers.

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A Sneak Peek At Key Insights

Only 11% feel they are providing a complete self-service experience
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38% say managing & updating product content was a top challenge
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Companies that adopt complete self-service models are 45% more likely to see increased revenue

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