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The Zoomin Newsletter
July 2016

The Zoomin Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2016 Edition of the Zoomin Newsletter!

Happy 4th of July to our American friends! Inside you’ll find a rundown of the month’s most important insights and advice, including: why wikis aren't suitable for product documentation, how to ensure that touchpoints make customers love your company vs. leave it, how to prevent customers from getting overwhelmed by too much information, and best practices for unifying Tech Comm and Tech Support. You can also sign-up for our new webinar series on how to solve the "missing piece" of the product documentation puzzle.

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Are Touchpoints Making Customers Love – or Leave – Your Company?

How “touching” are your company’s touchpoints? Are they deepening relationships and driving sales? Or are they sending prospects and customers towards the exits -- and into the arms of your competition? In this on-demand session recorded at the STC Technical Communication Summit in May, Zoomin’s VP of Product Management Hannan Saltzman and Ping Identity’s Director of Information Experience Megan Gilhooly use real-world insights to explore your company can deliver personalized, cohesive and consistent product documentation across all of your customer touchpoints.  

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Are Your Customers Informed…or Overwhelmed?

The good news is that today’s prospects and customers have more information at their disposal than ever. Unfortunately, that’s also the bad news – because they’re drowning in a sea of data. In this on-demand session recorded at the STC Technical Communication Summit in May, Zoomin’s President Joe Gelb shows you how to help your prospects and customers get informed – rather than overwhelmed.

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Solving the Product Content Puzzle

The product content puzzle has many pieces. But one in particular – delivery – is widely misunderstood and typically misapplied. In part 1 of this new 3-part webinar series, Zoomin’s President Joe Gelb, “The Content Wrangler” Scott Abel and Scroll UK’s Chief Knowledge Officer Rahel Anne Bailie connect to unravel this mystery, and explain what delivery is, where it fits, how it works, and why it’s essential for a complete content puzzle.

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Special Webinar Series 

Dynamic Delivery: The Secret to Exceptional Content Experiences

Part 2 of the Special Series Webinar will take place on July 19 at 10:00 am PST/1:00pm EST. Join Joe Gelb and Scott Abel as they discuss why an enterprise-grade dynamic delivery platform is needed to ensure prospects and customers have access to the right product content across all touchpoints.

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Special Webinar Series 

Automating the Presentation Layer

Part 3 of the Special Webinar Series will take place on August 9 at 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST. Join Joe Gelb and Scott Abel as they discuss automating the presentation of content, and why successful dynamic delivery must effectively separate content from its formatting information.

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Peace at Last! How to Unify Tech Comm & Tech Support

Tech Comm and Tech Support typically don’t play in the same sandbox – which makes sense, since they need to take unique approaches, use different tools, and have specific roles. But that doesn’t mean that they’re enemies. On the contrary, they have the same goal: make customers successful! In this new feature article, guest author Megan Gilhooly reveals 7 best practices for unifying Tech Comm and Tech Support, so they can both be part of the solution vs. undermine each other’s success.

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Product Documentation & Wikis: Just Say No!

There’s plenty to like about wikis (aside from just saying the word wiki, which is fun!) But there’s one thing in particular that wikis aren’t bad at managing: product documentation. Read our latest ebook to discover the challenges, problems and horrors that have erupted in organizations that have mistakenly run afoul of this fundamental truth.


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